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The UIC Orientation Program seeks to serve its diverse population of prospective new students while connecting them to their advisors and preparing them for their transition into our university. This program strives to aid students in more ways than just one, guiding through the historic campus, connecting with the numerous student resources, programs, and clubs available, and showing what we as a university have to offer.

Looking to gain professional experience? Are you looking for a paid position? Would you like to live on campus for FREE during the summer? Student Orientation Leaders (SOLs) are recruited and interviewed each academic year to then work in the upcoming Summer and Spring Orientation Program sessions. Please refer to the attached application for useful information and feel free to send an inquiry to orhelp@uic.edu for additional recruitment, selection, and hiring information as well as pertinent deadlines. Click apply, and check out some of our past leaders below!

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A great orientation starts with a great team of leaders

The Orientation Leader experience is a rewarding experience that provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. See our awesome OL’s below.

Amy ChouSenior Student Orientation
I am Creative

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Angelajoy NdiweOrientation Leader
I am Nigerian

I love creative writing, cooking, and making people laugh!

Esteban AlarconOrientation Leader
I'm a Teacher

I’m a History Major and working on getting my Middle School endorsement here at UIC!

Isaiah RubioOrientation Leader
I am Athletic

Currently a sophomore and my major is Management. A word that describes me would be, athletic.

Jacqueline ZoumaniguiSenior Student Orientation
I am Empowered

I am empowered. I am eager to empower others

Jennifer ChouOrientation Leader
I am Supportive

I’m Supportive. I am encouraging and thoughtful to those around me.

Mark CorderoOrientation Leader
I am humorous

I am humorous. I love corny jokes, food, and helping others succeed!

Natasha JojoOrientation Leader
I am Studious

 I am an international student from Thailand, majoring in finance.

Nichale MannOrientation Leader
I am Social

I love UIC and I love the fact that I get to meet lots of new students.

Nnaemezie EzeifeOrientation Leader
I am Energetic

I am always smiling and also very high spirited and energetic.

Pamela GozonSenior Student Orientation
I am passionate

Music, singing, dancing, and playing guitar give me peace.

Patrick NwanahOrientation Leader
I am Ready

Ready to help you get ready for UIC!

Stephanie SakyiOrientation Leader
I am Enthusiastic

About my goals, a career in medicine.  I enjoy inspiring and creating new connections.

Temi AkandeOrientation Leader
I am open minded

I am open minded, and believe every voice should be heard.

Yovana GuerreroOrientation Leader
I am goal-oriented

Whatever I set my mind to accomplish, I do so.

Arelis ArmasOrientation Leader
I am Ready

Ready help get you ready for UIC!

Cay RempsonOrientation Leader
I am Genuine

Any time I can, I will be a helping hand.

Christian AgbabiakaOrientation Leader
I'm A Double Major

I am a Hist/AAST double major, love sneakers,marvel comics, and dancing.

Jeffrey ChanOrientation Leader
I'm a Artifex

I am an artifex in the making

Juan SosaOrientation Leader
I'm an engineering

I am an electrical engineering undergraduate with a love for food adventure in the city.

Noah PerezOrientation Leader
I'm a fighter

I am someone who fights for what is right. I am someone to have fun and be silly with.

Rachel JohnsonOrientation Leader
I am self-assured

I’m multifaceted and unapologetically self-assured.

Reshunda BatesOrientation Leader
I am ready

Ready to help get you ready for UIC!

Saul GarciaOrientation Leader
I'm an educator

I am a future educator, A Latino from Little Village, I am a product of my community.

Suzi ChoiOrientation Leader
I am ready

Ready to help you succeed here at UIC!

Zhivan RobinsonOrientation Leader
I'm a Dancer

 I am a dancer, I also draw, read Marvel comics, and watch tons of anime!

Zakee HussainSenior Associate Orientation
I am cool

Cool calm and collected

Paulette RobinsonSenior Associate Orientation
I am determined

I am determined.  Perfection is the goal and I intend on achieving that with everything I do

Matt Sanders Senior Student Orientation
I am determined

I am determined.  Perfection is the goal and I intend on achieving that with everything I do

Maddie KrmenecOrientation Leader
I am Ready

Ready to help you succeed here at UIC!

Tyler PortisSenior Student Orientation
I am Ready

Ready to help you succeed here at UIC!

Deonte RogersSenior Associate Orientation
I am Ready

Ready to help you succeed here at UIC!

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